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Peristaltic Pump

  • WT600F-2B


    Industrial distribution type intelligent peristaltic pump, high protection level

    Suitable for damp, dusty and other industrial production environments

  • BT100F-WL


    Flow range:≤380ml/min

    Mainly used in the field of laboratories and scientific research institutions

    Wireless communication control, can replace the membrane button to control the open area,

    the effective signal transmission distance is 100 meters

  • BT00-600M


    The stepping motor is subdivided and driven,

    the speed is less than or equal to 600 rpm and the plastic-sprayed metal shell is stable and generous, which can be used in the harsher industrial production environment.

  • BT300J-3A


    It is suitable for accurate transmission of flow in laboratories and industrial fields.

    The speed can reach 300rpm and the flow can reach 1140ml/min.

    The plastic-sprayed metal shell is stable and generous, and can be used in harsh industrial production environments.

  • BT100J-1C


    Flow range:≤380ml/min

    High protection level, waterproof connector, mainly used in areas with harsh environments.

  • JL350J-1A


    Mainly used in large flow for production

    AC gear motor drive

    Speed adjustable by frequency convertor

    Pump drive and control in split body to improve the IP rating

    Central convex roller and concave pressing block to reduce the friction of tubing

    Transparent cover for watch the running status of the pump

    Adjustable pressing block

    Split body in design for remote control,install and maintenance


  • YT600S-1A


    Flow range:≤13000ml/min

  • YT600J-2A


    Industrial variable speed peristaltic pump,stainlesss steel housing

    Powerful DC motor drivecan stack 2 pump heads.

    Suitable for industrial big flow rate transfer

  • WT600J-2A


    High IP rating,can stack multi pump heads

    High torque output,low vibration,efficient DC brushless motor, maintenance free

  • WT600J-1A


    .DC brushless motor drive,High efficient,low vibration.

    high torque and manitenance free

    Multi control modes: can be controlled by analog singals via standard ex-control port and communication control with PC.

  • BT600J-1A


    Handle on top for carring conveniently

    Can be connected with FK-1A dispensing controller for quantitive filling

  • High IP rate basic peristaltic pump BT300J-2A

    High IP rate basic peristaltic pump BT300J-2A

    Flow rate ranges≤2100ml/min

    Industrial peristaltic pump, high IP rate

    Suitable for humid and dusty industrial production environment

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