With Motor Drive

  • ODMMSP30-01


    Multi-port valve, accurate positioning, RS232/485 communication mode, can be customized

  • OEM100J series (backplane design)

    OEM100J series (backplane design)

    57 stepping motor, rear drive circuit, reducing occupied volume
    Flow range: ≤2200ml/min

  • OEMDSK300-01


    Adopt step motor, soleplate installation, Stepless speed regulation,   External can control the start and stop.
    Flow rates:≤1140ml/min

  • OEMQS100-01


    Introduction    OEMQS100-01 / WX10-14 / 18 peristaltic pump recommended maximum speed of 100rpm; equipped with micro-pump head, suitable for wall thickness of 0.8 to 1.0mm hose, single-channel four-wheel or eight-wheel. Direct drive by the user 42-type stepper motor, the use of embedded soft-connect installation, and customized according to user requirements. Mainly in the equipment, equipment supporting the use of 38mL / min to achieve the following fluid transmission. Parameters Motor s...
  • OEMDSK100-01


    Product description Consist of JY15 pump head, 42 step motor and Drive circuit board. The volume is small, Flushed installation. used for laboratory equipment, Analytical instrument. Technical parameters: Power: DC12V Speed range: 0 -100rpm, Speed adjustable: Manual adjusting switch, External control to control the various speed. Speed precision;5 rpm/min Available Tubing: 25#, 17# Max referenced flow rate:  170ml/min External control Type: 0-5V, 4-20Ma, 0-10Khz Dimension: 130*73*...
  • OEM100J


    Introduction OEM100J series peristaltic pump driver by the 57 stepper motor matching a variety of control methods to form a small, simple structure, easy control of the peristaltic pump drive product line. Mainly in the equipment, equipment supporting the use of 380mL / min to achieve the following fluid transmission. DIP switch with external signal control mode, the external signal optional 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-10kHz, and can provide the use of RS485 communication control products. Using ...