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  • JY25


    the flow rate ranges≤5370ml/min

  • YZII15/25


    Single channel flow range:≤4140ml/min

  • Quick Load Pump Head KZ25

    Quick Load Pump Head KZ25

    PC housing,PPS pressing block. good rigidity

    Tube fixing form: clamp and tube connector

    Good self-lubricating to reduce the friction of tube

    Transparent housing, easy to watch the working status

    Flow rate range: ≤6000ml/min

  • Multi-Channel DGseries

    Multi-Channel DGseries

    Precision micro flow  transfer

    Adjust tube-pressing gap by rachet

    6 rollers: higher flow; 10 rollers: lower pulsation

    Independent cartridge: made of POM, durable and excellent chemical compatibility

  • YZ35


    flow rate≤13000ml/min

    large flow,widely used in industrial areas

    Optimized structure design to prevent breaking of pressing block

    Double pump heads can be stacked to transfer 2 liquids

    Tube fixing form:1. tube connector 2. tube clamp

    Adjustable tube-pressing gap to expand tube  lifespan

  • Low Pulsation DMD15

    Low Pulsation DMD15

    PPS material with good resistance to acid,alkali

    Phase compensation structure to reduce pulsation

    Compact size, professsional tube assembly, suitable for accurate micro dose filling.

    Flow rate ≤960ml/min

  • Quick Load Pump Head KZ35

    Quick Load Pump Head KZ35

    Large flow, double pump heads stackable

    Mirror polish surface

    Tube fixing form: clamp and connector

    304 stainless steel and conform to GMP standard

    Mostly used in pharmaceutical and food industry

    Flow rate≤12000ml/min

  • Simple Pump Head JY15

    Simple Pump Head JY15

    Max flow rate:248ml/min at 150rpm Features low flow high ,accurate cheap pump head transparent cover to check the working status easily compact and exquisite  , could be mounted on sole plate or panel mainly used for OEM application Measurements Model Suitable tubing Max flow rate ml/min Motor speed rpm Roller  material Housing  material Roller numbers JY15-1A 13#,14#,19#,16#,25#,17# 248 ≤150 POM PPS 2/4
  • Easy Load Pump Head YZ15/25

    Easy Load Pump Head YZ15/25

    Excellent heat and corrosion resistance

    Rigidity, high hardness wide flow range

    Various tube option

    Flow rate range≤2200ml/min

  • BZ15 25

    BZ15 25

    PC housing,crystal

    Fixed tube-pressing gap, tackable

    Economical for ODM purpose