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  • Dispensing Controller FK-1A

    Dispensing Controller FK-1A

    Quantitative allocation with time control

    With multiple working modes, power-down memory, external control and other functions

    It can be matched with various types of peristaltic pumps to realize automatic distribution function

  • External Control Module

    External Control Module

    standard external control module

    0-5v;0-10v;0-10kHz; 4-20mA, rs485

  • Tube Joint

    Tube Joint

    Polypropylene (PP): good chemical resistance, applicable temperature range -17℃~135℃, can be sterilized by epoxy acetylene or autoclave

  • Foot Switch

    Foot Switch

    The switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping or stepping, instead of hands to realize the control of the peristaltic pump or syringe pump products

  • Filling Nozzle And Counter Sunk

    Filling Nozzle And Counter Sunk

    The material is stainless steel, which is connected to the outlet of the tube to prevent the pump tube from floating or sucking on the container wall