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  • Viton Tubing

    Viton Tubing

    Black chemical grade fluorine rubber hose, good solvent resistance, resistant to special solvents such as benzene, 98% concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.

  • Silicone Tubing

    Silicone Tubing

    Special hose for peristaltic pump.

    It has certain characteristics of elasticity, ductility, air tightness, low adsorption, pressure bearing capacity, good temperature resistance

  • Tygon Tubing

    Tygon Tubing

    It can withstand almost all inorganic chemicals commonly used in laboratories.

    Soft and transparent, not easy to age and brittle, air tightness is better than rubber tube

  • PharMed


    Creamy yellow and opaque, temperature resistance -73-135℃, medical grade, food grade hose, life span is 30 times longer than silicone tube.

  • Norprene Chemical

    Norprene Chemical

    Due to the complicated manufacturing process, this series has only four tube numbers, but it has a wide range of chemical compatibility

  • Fluran


    Black industrial-grade strong corrosion-resistant hose, which can withstand most strong acids, strong alkalis, fuels, organic solvents, etc.